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    *All Visits Are By Appointment Only* ChiroStrength Nashville Located in Nashville Training Camp 1504 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37310 Office: (931) 321-1414 Monday:7:00 am - 12:00 pm Tuesday:7:00 am - 12:00 pm Wednesday:7:00 am - 12:00 pm Thursday:7:00 am - 4:30 pm Friday:7:00 am - 3:30 pm ....

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  • Hip Mobility For Back Pain Injury Prevention

    Dr. Dunaway's Top 5 Drills Tons of attention surrounds the topic of Hip Mobility, and for good reason. Locked up hips will wreck the low back and lead to significant injury to the lower lumbar spine especially. Also, when the hips are blocked, the body will respond by gaining more mobility below by requiring more lateral shift and rotation at the knee. These scenarios lead to degenerative meniscal tears, and loss of joint cartilage. So, ya, hips are a pretty big deal. Keep these keys in mind when performing the stretches.
    NOT EVERY HIP IS THE SAME. It's very possible that not all of the drills listed in this newsletter will be appropriate for you. That is why my ....

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  • Avoid These Mistakes To Avoid Injury

    Cleaning up the Swing and the Get-Up The kettlebell is a powerful tool in the hands of a knowledgeable coach and capable trainee. From rehab to prehab to performance, the mighty kettlebell has a place in nearly any training program. But, like any other tool, it can do more harm than good without a critical approach and proper form. Here are a couple of the biggest bang-for-your-buck moves and how to correct the most common fault for each. The Swing “The swing is a fat-burning athlete builder.” - Dan John Indeed, the kettlebell swing can be utilized by just about any person with a good hip hinge pattern. The swing develops explosive strength through the ....

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  • ChiroStrength's Top 5 Home Gym Essentials

    You Don't Have to Break the Bank on Your Home Gym Having access to a fully equipped gym is great, but you can also have amazing workouts from home without having to spend a fortune. Below you’ll find links to our recommendations for building your home gym. Each product is one that we use and believe in. Retail stores charge too much for our liking, which is why we searched hard to find options that are both high quality and affordable so that you don’t over pay or settle for low quality equipment. Affiliate Disclosure: ChiroStrength is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites ....

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  • What is Tennis Elbow?

    To keep it short: tennis elbow is caused by chronic damage to the common extensor tendon, which is then failing to heal properly from overuse. The tendon attaches at the lateral epicondyle. You can see what this looks like below. What the extensor muscles do is called wrist extension, which looks like this: Jobs and activities that involve repetitive wrist and hand movements can lead to wear and tear on the tendon, experienced as pain and weakness. Examples of those prone to this sort of damage include assembly line workers, cashiers, hairdressers, and plumbers, as well as players of racquet sports like tennis. Tennis elbow is the most frustrating injury I have ever dealt with. ....

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  • Tips For Finding The Perfect Shoe

    And Making Your Feet More Resilient This question falls into the same category as “Which bed is best for me?” The answer to both of these questions is, it depends. First, it’s no secret that high heels are terrible for you. However, for some people, wearing boots or dress shoes with a higher heel is unavoidable. This does NOT mean you’re destined for injury, however it does mean you have a greater responsibility to recover from foot stress at the end of the day. If you wear heels and have no recovery routine, you’re inevitably going to wind up with pain. So with that said, let’s discuss casual/athletic shoes. Navigating the shoe market can be ....

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  • Strength Training: Beyond The "Gym Bro" Reputation

    Why Strength Training is your key to being pain free and healthier "How can I get out of pain and stay pain free?" I get this question all the time. To be fair, the response is different for everyone depending on what condition they are dealing with, past injuries they’ve had, their current level of activity, current lifestyle, and many other factors. However, there are a few things that are true for EVERYONE across the board. 1) You will have a hard time staying out of pain without adequate sleep and stress management strategies. 2) Diet will most definitely increase or aggravate your pain if you eat the traditional western diet. This is because this style of diet is ....

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  • Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

    What It Is and Who It's For Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) What It Is and Who It’s For Every so often I come across an area in the field of strength and conditioning or rehabilitation that reignites my passion for learning. Earlier this month, I found that topic and I’m excited to explain this new (to me) rehab and performance boosting approach called Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR). A few key words
    here to make your reading easier: 1) Motor Unit Recruitment
    – basically this refers to the percentage of muscle fibers working during exercise. Typically, you’ll get an increase in percentage of muscle fibers firing as weight is increased. ....

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  • "30 Day Ab Challenge" AKA The Back Pain Challenge

    It’s approaching beach body season, and the vultures of the fitness industry are circling! I know this because I recently saw on Facebook where a friend joined the “30 day Ab Challenge”. Immediately I cringed at the thought of the thousands of lumbar spines that are heading down the repetitive injury road. A road that promises a destination of skinny waists and six packs, but dead ends in bulging discs and painful low backs. So, Let’s assume the goal with this program is to increase the core strength, and the campaign targets those needing a jump-start (aka sedentary people). With this in mind, here is a breakdown of the program. The Challenge is a ....

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  • Not Every Symptom Of Numbness is Carpal Tunnel

    ***Disclaimer: This is for educational advice only. While you can implement some of these strategies into your routine, it's not intended to diagnose or be specific rehab advice. If you continue to have consistent symptoms you should be assessed by a trusted professional around you. I see many patients that come to me saying they have “Carpal Tunnel”, however very few people really understand what that is. This is a problem, because if you don’t have carpal tunnel, but are getting advice for carpal tunnel you may be delaying the proper care which can prevent you from finding a solution long term! First, carpal tunnel is a compromise of the Median nerve specifically ....

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