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Everyone has heard of chiropractors, but what exactly is chiropractic treatment? At ChiroStrength, chiropractic adjustment is the foundation of treatment for many patients. The goal is to apply gentle force to specific segments of the spine in order to restore proper motion to the joint -- this takes the stress off of bones and cartilage and improves tissue health. It's also beneficial for the nervous system!

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"But I Don't Need A Chiropractor!"

Most people are confused about chiropractic adjustments and how they work. Many aren't worried about the science behind chiropractic and simply know that it makes them feel better, clearing up issues like constant headaches, constipation, IBS, and more. While ignorance may be bliss, it's also a big reason why people avoid chiropractic treatment!

At ChiroStrength, we can make precise chiropractic adjustments to help your nervous system operate smoothly. Your body relies on your nervous system to function properly -- at its best, your nervous system can heal tears, fight disease, and handle stress. However, if you have segments of the spine that aren't moving properly, the area around these joints can get irritated. You now have inflammation and irritation surrounding the spinal cord and nerves. This can result in muscle spasms, tightness, and more. Don't suffer silently and hope that your body will fix itself -- visit us in Nashville and experience the incredible difference that chiropractic care can make!

Chiropractic adjustment can help you:
  • Address lumbar back pain or soreness
  • Improve your mobility, strength, and stability
  • Enhance your athletic performance

Dr. Dunaway has helped men and women from across the Nashville area experience the incredible benefits of professional chiropractic adjustment. As an experienced chiropractor and a medical professional, he designed the ChiroStrength program to achieve a balanced approach using only reputable, proven techniques for alleviating pain and improving performance.

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We can help you reduce inflammation, address pain, and recover from injuries in a way that's natural for your body. After all, chiropractic adjustment doesn't magically cure your problems -- it empowers your body to heal effectively. Come see us in Nashville and see what chiropractic adjustment can do for your health.

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