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ChiroStrength & Therapy

Why Choose ChiroStrength?

At ChiroStrength, we offer programming guidance on how to maintain your body and train in a way that's effective, safe, and pain-free. Through chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercise, and techniques to help your body recover faster, we're helping both athletes and ordinary men and women across the Nashville area feel and perform better. 

Our philosophy for patient care is simple: educate as much as possible and treat only as much as necessary. We'll transcend what you currently think of as "conservative care" by meshing the fitness and chiropractic industries, providing relief from joint and muscle pain through specialized treatment while also training the body through carefully planned corrective exercise programs. ChiroStrength will help you repair the damage and build the foundation.

Through our blog, YouTube videos, and Instagram, we'll provide a wealth of educational content where you can learn the difference between injury and pain, safe exercises for everything from your core to your joints, and how you can move better.

ChiroStrength is about connecting you with high-quality resources in a simple, personalized way.

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Our Expert Team

Dr. Dunway graduated Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic and full-body certified in Active Release Techniques. He's an expert on biomechanics and ready to help you succeed.


Our Core Values

ChiroStrength exists at the intersection of rehabilitation and preventative medicine. We empower our clients to mend, and then to transcend!


Our Mission

We want to help people from all over the Nashville area move more freely. We also offer online consultations and services. 


Our Promise

With our unique approach to chiropractic and correctional exercise, we can help you feel better and perform at the highest level. Let us help you get the most out of your body!

Chiropractic Adjustment

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Active Release Techniques

Chiropractic Adjustment near Nashville

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Chiropractic Adjustment near Nashville

Chiropractor & Corrective Exercise Solutions

Meet Our Staff

Scott Dunaway

I've been through post surgical rehab, also worked with PT's to avoid surgeries. Dr. Scott is the best ! I'm in the fitness profession and learn so much from him. His attention to detail, to educating you about how your body works and why a certain method is important is a rarity among sports ....Read more

Kathy Moore

Dr. Scott is great. Super-nice guy, extremely knowledgeable re physical movement, construction, and exercise-for-health. Takes a studied, personal interest in each individual, as opposed to assembly line treatment. And doesn't just treat you, but trains you. ....Read more

Terry Rayburn

Dr. Scott is fantastic. He gives you the tools to help with your own recovery. He is very informative. I enjoy the follow up emails and communication he provides between visits. Highly recommend him for any of your chiro/rehab needs. ....Read more

Kristian Harris

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