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  • I've been through post surgical rehab, also worked with PT's to avoid surgeries. Dr. Scott is the best ! I'm in the fitness profession and learn so much from him. His attention to detail, to educating you about how your body works and why a certain method is important is a rarity among sports therapists. His passion and drive to help you be your best you is obvious. I've sent my husband, several clients and students to Dr. Scott. He has helped them all.

    Kathy Moore
  • Dr. Scott is great. Super-nice guy, extremely knowledgeable re physical movement, construction, and exercise-for-health. Takes a studied, personal interest in each individual, as opposed to assembly line treatment. And doesn't just treat you, but trains you.

    Terry Rayburn
  • Dr. Scott is fantastic. He gives you the tools to help with your own recovery. He is very informative. I enjoy the follow up emails and communication he provides between visits. Highly recommend him for any of your chiro/rehab needs.

    Kristian Harris
  • Dr. Scott is awesome and I highly recommend him. I was referred to him by my Personal Trainer. His approach is different than most Chiropractors. He did an assessment of my movement patterns in my areas of concern and noticed some weaknesses. Right after our appointment, he emailed a few short videos of exercises to do on my own time. These exercises have helped me tremendously! Dr. Scott really knows the human body and how it is supposed to work. In my opinion, he wants to empower his patients with knowledge to help heal their own bodies, but with his guidance.

    Missi Sox
  • I started going to Dr. Scott several years ago while I was training for triathlon and had some minor aches and pains associated with my training regimen. He primarily used ART (Active Release Technique) to get my body back where it needed to be to train to my full potential. Adjustments and cupping and the vibe plate were also used in order to facilitate a well-rounded approach to recovery. Dr. Scott also showed me many ways to improve my mobility. For instance, I was not able to perform a proper squat until he coached me through the process using elastic bands. This guy has more tools in his toolkit than Snap-On!

    Paul Kahle
  • Dr. Dunaway was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He provided exercises to complete throughout the week to assist with my back pain and once the pain was gone we ended our meetings. I have referred to his exercises when my back gets tight.

    Elizabeth Dowlen Coleman
  • Dr. Dunaway has put out some of the best content that I’ve ever seen. He makes it simple and doesn’t just preach it, but gets YOU to think about HOW you’re moving. As a CPT who always deals with clients who can have daily discomforts, I have found it to be easier to assess, motivate, and help train my clients to live a pain-free lifestyle because of CS’s content. While I have not worked 1:1 with Dr. Dunaway, his material has allowed me to learn with ease and implement it in not only my client’s training, but my own as well. Thankful for ChiroStrength! Hope to see it grow bigger and bigger!

    Matthew Eichman
  • I found ChiroStrength online and decided to make the 2 hour drive to see what they were about. After working with Dr. Dunaway the pain I had in my shoulder for about 6 months has started to fade away. After just 10 minutes of working with Dr. Dunaway you can tell he has a deep passion for what he does and his clients. I CAN NOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH. If I could rate 10 stars I would! They are the real deal!

    Kelly Coleman
  • Scott has been amazing during the rehab process. We have been online clients for several months, and he has fixed issues that we have had for years, as well as helping with post surgery rehab for my girlfriend. She made more progress in 1 month with Scott compared to 6 months of physical therapy.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Joseph McGannon
  • Found his videos extremely informative and decided to engage his services for my shoulder injury. A video call meant for 20min went for about an hour and he went into the depth of my problem and gave a breakdown of what the status is right now and how we move forward from there and later on shared his program details with specific video content and was even available for me to clear and further doubts after the session and sent another video addressing any other concerns I had. Prompt Response for any query as well as rehab/strength structure.

    Abyudh Reddy Neravetla

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